Welcome to Sustained Learning Solutions

Steps to Limitless Success

Welcome to Sustained Learning Solutions

Steps to Limitless Success

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Professional Learning Communties People Leading Change

The focus of strategic planning for organizational transformation is to ensure consistent high-quality product and service delivery. We guide the development of a Professional Learning Community structure in the change process, which builds relational trust and contributes to everyone in the organization gaining a heightened sense of value. 

Emotional Intelligences for Optimizing Human Relationships

Our emotions affect behavior and interactions with others. Remaining optimistic, confident, and adaptable when complex situation arises is a skill. We provide guidance that creates knowledge on how to apply emotional intelligence competencies to increase personal accountability in engaging others effectively. Emotional Intelligence is observed when a person demonstrates the competencies that constitute self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management. We expose the competencies associated with these four areas of emotional intelligence. Next an in depth look at Human interactions within the organization is conducted. This process helps to highlight how commitment to adopting the competencies will facilitate achieving desired results in all endeavors.

Designing Recreation and Leisure Outcome Based Programs

The National Parks and Recreation Association CAPRA Standards, conveys leader directed programs are expected to have objectives that intend to produce beneficial outcomes.  We provide professional development training on how to execute Outcome Based Programming. Recreation Leisure Professionals learn how to design leader directed programs with deliberate actions steps  with the devised SLS method, which includes logic models, session plans and evaluation. This best practice method, positions programs closer to meeting industry standards, which is to enhance quality of life and well-being in a pleasurable way. 

About Us

Our Experience

We have engaged Humans across the lifespan in purposeful interactions as an urban educational and organizational leader for over 3 decades. We have worked with city government leaders, officials and diverse stakeholders with a growth mindset and high achievement orientation. Our results driven collaboration yields sustained solutions for personal and organizational transformation by renewing clarity of focus and commitment to putting forth the needed effort to accomplish goals.   

Our Approach

Our purpose is Human elevation. We stimulate enhance self-awareness to develop beneficial habits of mind and behavior. Our methods for strategic planning, program development and professional trainings are customized for your organization. We design multi-sensory, interactive experiences that acknowledge different styles of learning. We lead with questions to enhance reflections about collective strengths and areas for growth. The inquiry method inspires cooperative shared decision making and fosters effective problem solving. To ensure our understanding is right, we use science, theory, experiential knowledge, policy and best practices in a relatable way.

Why Us?

Our services heighten Human performance and inspire effective interpersonal relationships by encouraging use of Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Professional Learning Community structures.

Through our proven models, we assist Humans within organizations to cultivate relational trust through an optimistic, joyful, honest and inclusive process which motivates mindfulness and energizes culture and climate change.

OuR Human Growth Leader

Sharia Shanklin, Ed. D

Dr. Sharia Shanklin is the Founder/CEO of Sustained Learning Solutions. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from University of California Los Angeles, M. Ed in Educational Psychology from Howard University, M.A in Educational Administration from George Mason University and Ed. D in Educational and Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Her professional roles include District of Columbia Public School Teacher, School Psychologist, Assistant Principal, Instructional Facilitator and District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation Interim Director. The culmination of her educational and experiential knowledge is the foundation for launching her consultancy. Her purpose and result driven behaviors also consist of having written research based papers and engaged critical thought conversations that explore and explain the nature of human social, emotional, psychological, and cognitive growth and development across the lifespan. She is passionate about supporting Humans recognize that becoming ones determined best is achievable with exposure to enriching, expansive knowledge and experiences. She believes that personal transformation is a decision and commitment to consistently engage beneficial thoughts and actions that enables one to identify their authentic self. With increased self-awareness, one is empowered to design a holistic, deliberate enhanced quality of life and well-being that encompasses the abundant offerings in the local, national and global landscape.

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